Thursday, April 7, 2011


This morning Linda Reedy and I went to Tandy Hills Park and painted. We decided to do a few small acrylic studies. Acrylics are new to both of us and it took some time to get accustomed to the paints. The wind was blowing - always a challenge when painting outside! We were tightly holding our supports and the paints were drying out. However, we completed our sketches at noon and felt good that we learned a lot about acrylics and more about the area.

We are planning to return soon at sunrise in order to catch the morning light.

Hats off to all the acrylic painters out there!


  1. In spite of the the windy day, you certainly captured some lovely paintings!

  2. nice paintings! - acrylics are SO hard to use outside, that's why I made the switch to oils. By the time you pick your subject and lay your paints out, they have a hard shell over them. They do have their good points tho. Quick drying time inside, can be varnished easily without waiting a month, can be painted over. Are you painting on paper? Good luck!

  3. I bet you all had a blast. Great idea to try other mediums. Looks like you got in some wonderful painting time with the wind and all:)

  4. You're very brave, Linda! Plein air AND acrylics. Nice job on the sketches. I haven't tried landscapes yet. I think I need to take that challenge.

  5. Acrylics outdoors! Sounds daunting to me,you sure pulled it off,probably by staying smart.

  6. Ahhh, the perils of plein air painting! That is becoming one of my favorite things to say! Even though you were using a new medium and fighting the elements, I love your paintings. They have a freshness to them that really is exciting!

  7. Hi Linda.
    I love these Acrylic paintings. So fresh looking. All the best Linda.

  8. Lovely paintings! And yes, acrylics outdoors can be challenging - especially on a windy day! You did a great job with it ;-)


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