Tuesday, August 30, 2011

FACE No. 35

12x6 Oil on Panel
Well, I have to say that when I saw this mugshot I wondered what he was looking at. Was it a bug on the ceiling? An interesting light fixture? Or maybe something imaginary? He made an interesting painting and one that I may re-visit sometime.
Virginia Floyd asked me what I have learned while painting these faces. Thank you, Virginia, for your question, it made me think and attempt to put into words those specific elements. First, and I think foremost, I have gained another level of confidence. Many artists suggest painting the same subject over and over and I am learning the truth to this. I don't think it matters what subject is chosen, just something that inspires you. As I became familiar with my subject I realized that I want to be looser and freer with my brush strokes. I have learned more about the importance of temperature changes in skin tones and I have a more acute appreciation of the planes of the face which are crucial to those changes in temperature, values, color, edges and brush strokes. I could go on and on about all the elements that we encounter and discover with each painting. Bottom line is that learning continues every day and if we're lucky we have someone like Virginia to encourage those of us (like me!) who aren't adept with words and writing. So, thanks again for your question, Virginia, which helped me to think and grasp the basic components of my learning experience!


  1. I have another question for you...do you feel sadness for these people who are arrested?

    It is a very interesting painting indeed. I imagine the subjects would be very surprised that you chose them to do a painting of. I like the project

  2. I like this one Lind. Maybe he is one of those people who won't make eye contact.

    Love your reply on what you've learned with this series of paintings. I think you're VERY adept with words and writing! This was really interesting and well-written.


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