Tuesday, September 27, 2011

FACE No. 41

6x6 Oil on Ampersand Gessobord

I just can't stay away from these mug shots.  Even with the bad lighting I am learning a great deal about skin tones, shadows, planes, etc.  When I began this series I had no idea how many portraits I would paint.  Now I am thinking they will continue for a long time.  


  1. I like his expression, it's amazing you are able to do a realistic portrait on such a small area, it's a success, Linda!

  2. Really great, Linda! The planes of the face are really well done--such a good job of moving from warm to cool in the skin tones. And the colors in the skin tones are beautiful.

  3. great job on this portrait. He certainly doesn't look sinister! Are all your mugshot paintings from you own town or where? I like the beautiful skin tones you achieved here

  4. Beautiful skin tones! Love the contrast from the warm to the cool in the flesh, and those eyes are haunting.

    Mark Nesmith

  5. Beautiful warms and cools in skin tones! And I agree the eyes are haunting. You will love Karin's workshop next month:)

  6. You have come a long way in these paintings. This one is very nice. The tones in the skin are beautiful...I love the blue in the lips.


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