Tuesday, September 25, 2012


12x6 oil on Panel
Click on painting for a larger view.
While visiting my sister in Florida we took a walk on the beach on a foggy morning.  It was quiet and beautiful.  I took some photos and this painting is from one of them.
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  1. Such a wonderful painting - I just love how you managed to paint the scene, fog and all, and really convey the feeling. Perfect!

  2. This is stunning ... love the mood you've captured here.

  3. Dreamy, private world in the fog. Love love.

  4. I have never painted fog, but these inspire me to try! Your close values and soft edges really convey it well!

  5. Fog? I never saw an ounce of fog in FL...nothing but sun sun sun and rain rain rain. The most interesting weather for sure....! Lovely painting (and you are lucky to have a sister in Fl!)


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