Saturday, October 27, 2012


12x12 Oil on Cradled Panel
To view larger click on painting.
On a beautiful autumn day a couple of weeks ago I drove to Glen Rose to paint.  In my rush to leave I forgot my mineral spirits - remembered just as I was approaching the Glen Rose square.  I was also short on time, so decided to leave my paints in the car and take some photographs.  The Texas landscape can sometimes be barren, but not this time.  Because we have had some good rain this season, the land displayed her color in all its glory.  I am continuing to discover the joys of painting the landscape and Texas has some beautiful and interesting views.

In keeping with this little Texas theme and with politics present, here is a quote from Molly Ivens .....
 Good thing we've still got politics in Texas -- finest form of free entertainment ever invented.

AND, btw, I voted yesterday ..... have you?


  1. love the simple looks isolated out there! That's Texas, right? Yes, I voted...hooray! :)

  2. hi linda! you know what your landscapes do to me. i absolutely love them. such atmosphere and feeling with very minimal effort. amazing! and this video!!! i'm still smiling. thank you for sharing this, these two are now a must for me.

    and thank you too for your very kind and thoughtful comments, you are a good friend! beautiful work as always!


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