Thursday, August 22, 2013


It's a beautiful day here in Texas.  I thought it would be a good time to share with you my new studio space.

This is my current work area.  My easel is in storage, but that's ok.  I have the "Paint On" Karin Jurick table top easel that I use most of the time.

Everything is right where I need it and within reach when I am working. 

I even have a small sofa when I need a break or to read, look at blogs ...................

One of two bookcases for still life items, sketch books, panels, whatever I need.

 Here is my sink with lots of stuff I haven't put away yet.  I guess there will always be stuff that takes up space!

There is still some work that needs to be done, such as shelves and window coverings, but I have to say I love this room.  I wish I could say there have been lots of good paintings since we moved, but I admit that there have been LOTS of wipe offs!  I should be discouraged, but I'm not.  It happens to us all at one time or another and so the painting will continue!  That's what happens with addictions!!

I always enjoy seeing the studios of other artists.  I hope you enjoyed seeing my space.  Hope you are having a wonderful, creative day!!


  1. I LOVE your space! It's just perfect! I never worry about wipe-offs, either. Actually, right now I can just TELL they'd all be wipe-offs this week, so I'm not even breaking out the brushes! I'm painting in my head. I can't wait to see how happy this space makes you! xoxox

  2. I loved seeing your studio space. Thanks for sharing!
    It's fun to see the JK easel (which I use all the time too) and even the pizza pan! I gave that up, but I've forgotten how convenient it was. I'm so envious of those windows! You can't beat that.

    I'm sure many many masterpieces will be coming out of that room soon. I can't wait!

    1. haha... OMG my dyslexia was showing there! I meant KJ (Karin Jurick) NOT JK! But I'm sure you figured that out!

  3. love, love, love seeing your space!!! It is fabulous. Thanks so much for sharing and may you have many, many happy years creating!

  4. I love your new space, Linda! How fun and exciting! It is so interesting to see artist studios. Thank you for sharing your creative space with us! Happy painting!

  5. Loved seeing your amazing space and as you said everything right where you need it. Just awesome! Wishing you lots of creative masterpieces that will come as you let them...Paint On!

  6. Love seeing your new art space. Thanks for sharing. Are you still in Ft. Worth?

  7. A wonderful place for painting--love the idea of having a sofa when you need a break.

  8. So happy for you! Looks like a great space to create. Yay!!

  9. What a perfect working space, Linda!!! and having those windows brings in so much light...
    I love it. As far as wipe-offs...we all go through that..LOL.. so I'll be waiting patiently for your next piece.

  10. Love your new studio. It is such fun seeing how and where other artists work. I've liked your work for a long time, so it's encouraging that you have wipe offs, too :-)
    Shelley Koopmann

  11. great and wonderful studio space - I KNOW YOU WILL HAVE LOTS OF FUN THERE! I LOVE IT!!

  12. Linda, Hope you will be very happy in your New Studio! The light is terrific and it looks like the perfect spot to create. The only thing it is missing, is YOUR art on the walls!
    Happy Painting,

  13. Wow! Your new studio looks great!!! I imagine you being so happy there . . . even when there are "wipe-off" days!

  14. Your new studio looks bright and awesome...we can expect some real beauties from this space.

  15. Linda I like seeing artist's studios also. Yours looks great. Glad you got moved in, hope you will come out and paint with us soon.

  16. What a great space! Are you worried about getting paint on the carpeting?? I can relate about both the wipe outs and the lack of worry over it! We learn that there are successes and failures...that's just how it is! Enjoy your new space--I can just imagine you laying on that couch...... 'brainstorming'!


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