Wednesday, October 1, 2014


8x10 Oil on Panel
I love ballet and all that goes with it.  My granddaughter, Lauren, is a ballet dancer and she hopes to dance in pointe next year.  In the meantime, she borrowed a pair of dead shoes (shoes that are worn out and can no longer be used) for me to paint.  I worked on two paintings and will post the other one soon, provided my computer will do its job.  It has been to the Genius Bar twice and is still acting a little crazy.

This short video tells a little about pointe shoes and how important they are to the dancer.


  1. Beautifully painted, Linda! and a lovely story. My granddaughgter has been in ballet since she was in diapers at almost 14 she was going to dance in pointe but she had a terrible time with it so she remains in ballet... love the soft pink in the shoes!

  2. This painting is very pleasing..colors, style....I love it


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