Friday, May 28, 2010


New!!! Boating attire for this season in the Gulf of Mexico. Brought to you by BP.

What a sad way to introduce you to a new blog. I was invited to be a part of Some Texas Artists Like to Paint. We have two challenges for the month of June. One is "anything Texas!" and the other is "Oil Spill Sorrow." I did this sketch for the second challenge and as you can imagine it was not easy. I will spare you and not get on my soap box about this tragedy, but focus on something positive. Some Texas Artists Like to Paint has a fantastic group of people - Gwen Bell, Ann Rogers, Angela Elledge, Mitzi Easley, Nancy Medina, Roxanne, James Parker, and Kay Wyne. I am honored to be part of this talented and creative group. Please take some time and visit Some Texas Artists Like to Paint. You are going to see some great art in the coming months!!


  1. I did visit the "Texas.." site and you're certainly right. alot of super work. I like the red of this vest with the transparent yellows. The spill is such a tragedy, it leaves everyone feeling so overwhelmed I think...

  2. Powerful response and I am right there on that soapbox with you.

    You did such a great job of interpreting this challenge!

  3. I'm on the soap box with you. Last night on the news a guy was crying about the islands where he owns a market having NO TOURISTS on this most important weekend. Actually sobbing. Broke my heart.
    I just read these words of wisdom and am keeping them in the front of my mind.
    "What happens to one happen to us all"
    We're all guilty of being able to turn off what isn't actually happening in our own back yard or life and go blithely on our way. But there's a tragedy happening here and it's happening to us all. :(
    I'll check out the site.

  4. Hi Linda,

    Your caption brings a bit of humour to a very unfunny subject. I'm going to head over and take a look at the new blog right away.

    I like the choice of colours and the gesture of the figure. He looks like he is standing there feeling as overwhelmed as we are as he realizes that no matter what he is wearing, there will be no fishing.

  5. cute sketch...
    horrible horrible horrible tragedy ... I just finished reading another blog by my friend, Sharon Weaver, who wrote her reflections on the spill and what we continue to do to the world we live in.
    Congrats on your new blogs!!!

  6. Move over, Linda, and we'll join you on that soapbox. This is a very moving piece. I will definitely check out the 'Texas' site, too - GOOD for you!

  7. such a horrible tragedy. but i love your sketch!

  8. Your painting is very well done. One way we can express ourself as artists is to paint things relating to this tragedy. Sad beyond words isn't it? I'll check out that site.

  9. Powerful statement that needs to be said. It is a tragedy that will have a ripple effect that touches all parts of our planet.

  10. You are right. It definitely affects us all, and your painting points to the sad truth of such a disaster. Thanks for pointing out the new website!

  11. So sad. Something has to be done.

    Take care,

    Barbara -- Great painting.


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