Wednesday, September 15, 2010


6x6 Oil on Ampersand Gessobord

While exploring Philadelphia I found a fish market and took some photos. This is painted from one of those photographs.

Click HERE to see an artist's blog from San Antonio, Texas. Her name is Lorraine Shirkus and I think you will enjoy her work!


  1. Nice and light...

    I painted a fish market at while back.... Our paintings are very different!!! But I really like yours...

  2. The eyes see the net first and then everything else about the subject falls in to place just like that!Amazing focal point! Can you share the secret? I am thinking a lot about how you managed those lovely easy double lines on the net:-)

  3. Nice painting! The color is beautiful and light and the figure is really very nicely done!

  4. you get a lot of information on a 6x6! nicely one--It makes me want to go shopping for dinner

  5. I love this, Linda! The color palette is so soft and muted, making the important features very prominent. You convey so much with so few strokes.

    I enlarged the picture to look more closely. I think you must have used a brush with only two hairs to get that net! LOL. It's terrific!

  6. P.S. I was wondering how you photograph your paintings. I usually have to wait until the next day to prevent a glare.

    And thanks for pointing out Lorraine's blog. I really like her work.

  7. I love the fish market! You should try more with this theme.

  8. Wow Linda!!! The plug for my blog is so generous of you! Just noticed it now . . . Thanks so much!


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