Wednesday, October 13, 2010


6x6 Oil on Ampersand Gessobord

First - THANKS TO ALL for your encouragement from the last post!! I've been blogging since January and one thing I was not expecting with this experience is the support and friendships gained from artists I have never personally met. Remarkable!

Halloween is just around the corner. Witches will soon be in the sky and goblins around every bush! This is one of the decorations I put out each year for a holiday that I love.


  1. Hi Thank your for your visit and kind comment let on my blog. My english isn't perfect but bad !
    In France "Halloween" isn't very important. Between my talk with my friend Susan who lives in Maine i know it's a very nice moment in the State.
    I'm enjoying for you. I like your painting to celebrate this day. Kisses

  2. Halloween! I love it too. I like your little Halloween guy. would be impossible to guess what you will paint next lol--I like that.

  3. Funny thing, Linda!as Martinealison said, here in France it's not important, but I know and understand your "addiction" to it!

  4. Linda, your painting adds a bit of whimsy to this challenge. Really cute! I am like Sylviane, I don't understand the "addiction" to it - but it is my kids favorite holiday. My daughter says people just like looking strange and receiving treats for it. Your painting is a 'treat'.

  5. That's a great idea to paint a decorative piece that only sees the light of day a few weeks of the year. When the piece is gone, the painting will serve as a reminder of all of the Halloweens you've enjoyed. (I love Halloween, too. Don't know why. Maybe because it's an excuse to eat chocolate, to stay up late, to look over our neighbors shoulders to peek into their homes, did I mention chocolate!)

  6. Linda, Thank you sending a submission to the challenge. I hope you will be inspired to join in again and to visit the other participating artist. We have a giveaway for this month. You must leave a comment on the Spooktacular challenge post. If you guess the correct number of skulls... you'll receive something crafty. You get to guess two times because your painting was accepted for the challenge. You must guess VERY soon though or it will be too late.

  7. I noticed your painting in the Alice Thompson's Spooktacular Challenge which lead me to your blog. I love your little goblin decoration!

    Thanks for sharing all your photos of Carol Marine's workshop! I can learn a lot just from the photos but would love to take the workshop someday!

  8. You captured the brighter side of Halloween. There is something old-fashioned looking about the subject. Very appealing. I think online challenges are a great way to find other painters.


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