Sunday, October 3, 2010


Saturday was a beautiful Texas day at the fair. The crowd was full of Oklahoma Sooners and Texas Longhorns - orange and crimson everywhere! Unfortunately, Oklahoma won the game ......... there is always next year!

Among the many sights we saw were the Mexican dancers. This was the adult group. There were all ages that took to the stage and every dance we saw was fun to watch.

And, in addition to the midway, animals, advertising booths, there was food everywhere. If you are not familiar with the Texas State Fair the food and drink (yes, drink!) are deep fried! This sign tells of Fried PBJ&B (Peanut Butter, Jelly & Banana), Fried Butter, and Fried Cookie Dough. And, I am guilty of trying fried butter - I DO NOT recommend it! One year we tried fried Snickers and again I don't recommend it. As I said, in addition to fried food (this is only a very small example of what was available) there is fried beer and fried Coke. Don't ask me how it is done. it's a mystery that I really don't care to solve!

So, if you are in the Dallas area in the month of October it's a fun way to spend a few hours in the Texas sunshine! We had a lot of fun!


  1. How in the world can they fry butter? I have heard of fried Snickers, but never tried it.

    I enjoyed your photos!

  2. yesterday i heard about fried pickles and they are probably somewhere there at the fair. these dancers look like painting material in your future

  3. Texas is so famous for their individualism--no wonder they are deep frying everything that isn't nailed just love to be so contrary! I just read that Bill Clinton has been on some sort of raw vegetable diet for months. He looked kind of scrawny now..but I understand that he is trying to preserve his life after that heart surgery thing. No fried butter for Bill! I hope you'll paint something from the day--looks like it was a lot of fun.

  4. Yup, if they got it, they can fry it. Didn't they start the fried turkey thing? It's yummy btw... but fried butter? Yikes! None of my TX friends to my knowledge go the fried butter route. I'll have to ask. This was fun!!!


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