Thursday, November 18, 2010


6x6 Oil on Ampersand Gessobord

More apples and this time with a green bowl. These are fun to paint and practicing more with elipses. Gosh, there is soooo much to learn! It's a good thing that I love doing this ..... loving the journey, as they say. :-)

This painting and the one before was painted with a limited palette of three colors - Primary Red, Primary Blue, and Primary Yellow by Maimeri and Titanium White. This is fun to do sometimes. One learns a lot about what these colors can do.


  1. Very nice, Linda. Really interesting the way the light slants across the canvas. The shadow and light in the bowl are really well done. And the apples look luscious!

  2. You are doing some great color combos lately. Another great bold, vibrant, dramatic piece.

  3. Not just any two apples and a bowl. The perfect beautiful painting of apples and a bowl!

  4. I agree that this is beautiful- great composition and love that shade of green on the bowl with the stronger value of the red apples! Great highlights.

  5. Linda I simply loved the colors you chose for this piece giving it a wonderful contrast.Beautiful highlighting on apples giving them a juicy look.Awesome!

  6. Lots of nice things about this painting, Linda! It's very strong. Love the contrasting colors, the reds are so lush and fluid and I love the variety of grays in the cast shadow and shadow in the bowl. Whenever I first see a new painting of yours, I always sense an abstract composition---a good thing.


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