Thursday, May 5, 2011


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Well, I am really late on this one! I finished this still life yesterday for Ann Rogers and when dry I will mail Ann's moleskin to Kay Wyne. This last week has been busy and also I've had a million wipe-outs! Yes, a million ..... well, it felt like a million. It's been frustrating, but also good. I've been reading a few art books (since painting was a no go) and concentrating on light. I think I am seeing a little different and I am trying to capture light with paint and continuing to concentrate on loosening up.

This vase of flowers was in a tea shop in Asheville, NC. I took a photgraph and re-discovered it while going through photos for the DPW challenge. I used this photo for another painting I did yesterday and will post that one later on my blog.

And, thanks to Jean Townsend this was much easier to paint! I used her suggestion to put medium on the gessoed paper and that helped in a million ways. YES a million!! Thanks, Jean!


  1. Another one of my favorite flowers. I just can't seem to grow them! Nice light coming into the vase and the red really helps make the white hydrangeas pop!

  2. this is very nice, Linda, as usual, wonderful composition. I'm glad the medium thing worked.
    Me too, I'm so behind, I have to get to my moleskinner duty tomorrow!

  3. it's always fun to see the Moleskin exchange things..I've never participated in any of them, but I really love seeing the different things that wind up in the books. Who owns the book in the end?
    This floral is great...nice for Mother's day!

  4. Thanks! I really enjoyed painting this so did another one with four hydrangeas! :)

    Celeste - Each person has her own moleskin so in the end we each have paintings from those participating in the project. It really is fun!


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