Friday, January 3, 2014


My computer is down and spending a few days at The Genius Bar. I'll still be painting, but will not be posting. Poor computer .... poor me. The 30/30 challenge will have to continue without me. I'll catch up when I can. One good thing is that I can still look at the fantastic art being produced. Y'all have fun!!!


  1. Grrrr.... why now? - I guess it's Murphey's Law, things like this always happen at the most inconvenient times.... Don't worry about it, keep enjoying the challenge, and we'll be seeing your paintings in a few days. Looking forward to it!

  2. Oh no,, you gotta come back and join us.. GREAT Heading on your blog!

  3. Oh no, I was looking for you! Things have a way of happening, just keep painting and I will look forward to catching up. I often post with my phone, then do some editing on the laptop.


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