Sunday, August 30, 2015


August is Artist Appreciation Month so when Marietta Gregg, Marketing Director of Patience Brewster, contacted me to write about artists that have inspired me I was more than happy to do so.  Among all the artists that I have read about and all the artists that I know how could I settle on one or even one hundred, a difficult task to be sure.  However daunting, here are just a few that I like and in no particular order of importance.

Vincent Van Gogh is an artist I admire for his use of color and brushwork.  He was prolific despite the effects of the mental illness that haunted him throughout his lifetime.

For sensuous design, no one can surpass Gustav Kilmt and Georgia O'Keeffe.  Although, different in their styles and interpretations both of these artists excelled in their art.

One of the leaders of Modern Art is Henri Matisse.  His use of color and line is amazing.

An artist I didn't understand until I saw his work in person is Mark Rothko.  While in the Museum of Modern Art in NYC I had the experience of seeing No.3/No.13.  I sat mesmerized by the color orange covered by rectangular shapes of purple, black, green and white.  His No.10 composed of just three colors of blue, yellow and white slowed my thinking and stared at the simplicity of this painting until I had to leave and give someone else a turn.  Rothko's paintings evoke a variety of emotions for those who are open to the stillness of his work.

There are many artists currently living that I also admire, and again too many to list them all.  I  narrowed my list, which was so difficult, but had to be done in order to keep this article short.

Stuart Shils' paintings are moody and full of atmosphere with soft, quiet colors.

Jon Redmond paints the ordinary in an extraordinary manner.  His genre of work is varied from still life to figure and everything in between.  His work expresses a slice in time which we can relate to, much like Edward Hopper (an artist I also love).

Catherine Kehoe's work is bold and direct.  She pays close attention to her subjects and the surrounding space.

In addition to these artists, I have been fortunate to take workshops from Carol Marine, Carol Ivey, Karin Jurick, David Shevlino, Maggie Siner, and Linda Reedy.  My appreciation for artists is never ending and continues to grow each day.  Put a simple apple in front of each artist and the work that emerges is different from each one and will awaken various emotions from the viewer.  Art is an amazing process that I feel fortunate of which to be a part.  So, in conclusion, I would like to thank Marietta Gregg and Patience Brewster for allowing me to be a part of this project.

Wednesday, August 5, 2015


How well do you know your colors?  Take this little quiz and test yourself.  It's quick, easy and fun.

Let me know how you did.  My score is 19.
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