Hilton Head Gang - HHG

In November of 2011 Karin Jurick held a workshop at Hilton Head Island.  In the beginning of our week we had no idea that by the end of the workshop we would come together as a cohesive group known as the Hilton Head Gang - HHG.  This page shows our first project together and will introduce you to the members.  We painted one mug shot each week with photographs provided by Maria Hock.  At the time of this writing we have several more mugs to paint and introduce.  We are having a blast!

Karin "Quick Draw" Jurick
Our Esteemed Gang Leader

Betsy "Eagle Eye" Stevenson
Betsy Stevenson Blog
Chris "The Moniker" Werst
No blog at this time.
Nancy "The Guardian" Darling
Nancy Darling Blog
Kelley "MacGrins" MacDonald
Kelley MacDonald Blog
Regula "Baby Face" Scheifele
Roxanne "The Streak"  Duke
Roxanne Duke Blog
Jennifer "JLo" Koach
Jennifer Koach Blog
Linda "The Joker" Popple
Linda Popple Blog

Terri "Bones" Buchholz
Terri Buchholz Blog
Sherrie "The Kid" Hilliard
Sherrie Hilliard Blog
Cathy "The Traveler" Engberg
Cathy Engberg Blog

Linda "Goldie" Nickles
Linda Nickles Blog
Dawn "The Shadow" Hartigan
Dawn Hartigan Blog
Sheryl "Red" Lott
No blog at this time.

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