Monday, December 19, 2011

FACE No. 51

4x4 Oil on Ampersand Gessobord

This woman caught my attention among the many mug shots.  I'm not clear as to the reason, but I think it may have been her eyes.  As always, I didn't want to know of what she was accused.  She just looked resigned to what was happening.  Perhaps this had happened to her previously.  I enjoyed working on this painting.  I'm getting more accustomed to painting on this very small format.  I think 4x4 lends itself to these portraits.

Friday, December 16, 2011

FACE No. 50

4x4 Oil on Ampersand Gessobord

Art enables us to find ourselves and lose ourselves at the same time.
-Thomas Merton-

Thomas Merton certainly knew what he was talking about, didn't he?  We not only lose ourselves in the valuable time spent at the easel, but being part of a wonderful community of artists, exploring, learning, and digging deep within ourselves.  This ongoing process is not unique to artists, but is certainly a definitive and welcome part of an artist's journey.  I treasure what I have learned about myself in the last few years as I have followed and will continue to follow this path.  I'm sure you have learned a great deal, too.
Here is a virtual toast to following our paths today and always!
Have a great week-end!!

Thursday, December 15, 2011


4x4 Oil on Ampersand Gessobord

Do you remember bubble lights?  These were my favorite a very long time ago, many years before the white, twinkling lights became so popular.  Along with the bubble lights were the large bulbs in lots of different colors.  They made for a delightful Christmas tree for children.  I painted this for the December challenge - Vintage Christmas - for Some Texas Artists Like to Paint.  Although, these decorations are vintage and I remember them, I am NOT, and I repeat NOT vintage!!

Wednesday, December 14, 2011

MacGrins aka Kelley MacDonald - HHG Gang Member

The Hilton Head Gang is a group of notorious artists who attended Karin Jurick's workshop on Hilton Head Island.  I will feature one member of the group each week until they are all accounted for...
Kelley “MacGrins” MacDonald is the next notorious member to be sought.  You may think her smiling face is harmless...until you see your smiling mug on one of her blogs.  She waltzes in to a room, a beach or an event, smiling and acting all “I’m your friend” and then shoots at will.  She doesn’t leave until she has captured every available smile.  When ready leave the island...Suspiciously...her little red sports car was missing...she left Hilton Head in a newly acquired Jag shouting “Girls Just Wanna Paint!”  She drove up the coast stopping along the way to visit accomplices.  She has hideouts everywhere.  Beware the smile...
To find out more about MacGrins check out her blog:
4x4 Oil on Ampersand Gessobord

Maria Hock took the photograph for Kelley's mug.  And I have to give her a LOT of credit because she managed to keep Kelley from smiling!  I tried my best, but to no avail.  She just laughed and could not stop.  What to do?  Call in the big guns ...... Maria came to the rescue.  Thanks, Maria!
(Kelley, don't laugh when you see this!)

Tuesday, December 13, 2011

FACE No. 49

6x6 Oil On Ampersand Gessobord

Well, one more mug shot painting and I will be at 50!  When I began I had no idea how far I would take this series and I am still in the dark.  I suppose it will continue until I get tired of it and I really don't see that I am anywhere near that.  This series has and continues to be fun to paint.   

Friday, December 9, 2011


6x6 Oil on Ampersand Gessobord

Creative people are curious, flexible, persistent and independent with a tremendous spirit of adventure and a love of play. (Henri Matisse)

I love to play in my studio!  It is a joy.  I am constantly learning, always thinking, listening to music, sometimes reaching deep and other times just going with the flow.  I appreciate that you are right there with me.  As artists we understand how fortunate we are to have play and work be synonmous.  Isn't that just wonderful?

Play this week-end!
Experience the joy!
$50.00 plus S&H

Thursday, December 8, 2011


10x8 Oil on Ampersand Gessobord
This was painted for the Rookie Painter challenge and a challenge it was!  However I am pleased with how it came out.  Having a cloth draped on a shelf makes a very nice painting.

$75.00 plus S&H

Wednesday, December 7, 2011


4x4 Oil on Ampersand Gessobord

"It is week four and Jennifer “JLo” Koach is the subject of this weeks search.  Her uncanny resemblance to ... well,  you know who...allows her to weasel herself into otherwise unavailable venues.  Before her true identity is revealed she assimilates herself into the situation and shoots at will.   Jlo charms and disarms her victims.  By the time they realize what is is too late...they are photographed and the subject of a painting. 
She left Hilton Head Island surrounded by her entourage...She is definitely NOT “just Jenny from the block”... by Maria Hock

OK, Jennifer, aka JLo, is a beautiful person and a very talented artist, but I think she has a spelling problem.  Please don't let this get out, but she spells her last name "KOACH" not "COACH".  As we all know coach begins with a "C" not a "K".  I tried to help her at our Karin Jurick workshop, but she would just ignore me and order a chocolate (not khocalate!) martini.  Go figure. 
For more information or clues to her whereabouts check out her blog at:

Sunday, December 4, 2011


4x4 Oil on Ampersand Gessobord

I'm finding it easier to paint on these small panels.  It's been tough, though.  I've wiped out many a mug shot.  But, hey it's always a learning experience, even with wipe outs.  So no complaints.  

Thursday, December 1, 2011

FACE No. 46

6x6 Oil on Ampersand Gessobord

I really enjoyed painting the cool and warm skin tones and using a nice warm green for the background.  She has such interesting hair, too.  She was just fun to paint!

$50.00 plus S&H

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