Wednesday, February 17, 2010


6x6 Oil on Gessobord

This is Cosmo. He is half Cavalier King Charles Spaniel and half Poodle.....a designer dog or what we used to call a mutt. Cosmo has a great personality, is sweet, and full of energy. He thinks he is a lap dog, but believe me he is way too big to sit on anyone's lap. If Cosmo were human, he would be labeled a social butterfly. The more the merrier with humans and animals. When Cosmo enters a room there is no quiet. He's a great dog!


  1. Linda,
    Darling expression on his face. Great job. I think you left me a comment on my blog but I couldn't link back to you. I came across your name on someone else's blog and was able to link over.

  2. what an expression! and wonderful hairy brushstrokes linda!

  3. What a sweet designer dog (mutt). A precious portrait.


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