Tuesday, May 29, 2012

BACK TO BASICS #2 and #3

I have been without my computer for a couple of weeks.  Poor thing has gone to Computer Heaven.  I loved my Apple Notebook.  She was the most wonderful machine!  But now it is time to move on with a new Apple and I am in the process of learning more about my new computer.  In addition to trying to save my Notebook, I painted, studied and spent some wonderful time with family and friends.  It really turned out to be a nice blogging break.  In the coming days I will post what I have painted.
The above photo is #2 in my series Back to Basics and is another value study (which I am continuing) using the Value and Color Kit I bought from Peggi Kroll Roberts.  They continue to be fun to use.  I'm finding doing a small and simple exercise first thing is a good way to start my painting day.

This is #3 and my first value with color study.  I wanted a simple set up so I used one block and two fabrics just to add a little more interest.  I also used my new warm lightbulb.  The shadows are faint in this photograph and next time I will make them more pronounced.  As you know, warm light creates cool shadows and I find shadows as interesting as objects.  Values are difficult for me to see in color.  I know that the more I practice the more I will learn to see.  And Carol Marine's mantra is returning to me in full force!
Thank you Peggi and Carol for these valuable lessons!


  1. Linda, first I'm sorry to hear about your computer problems. I can relate to your Apple saga! Thanks for sharing your "Back to Basics" studies -- it's a good reminder that we all need occasionally. I love the PKR dvds and lessons. Looking forward to seeing more.

  2. I know so much to remember...*squint...stroke...squint...stroke...repeat from *

    Love the back to basics and glad you are back!

  3. parfois les Pc nous rendent folles!!!... Heureuse de vous revoir.
    Avec les choses simples nous apprenons beaucoup...
    gros bisous

    1. Translation:
      Sometimes the Pc we make folles!!! ... Glad to see you again. With the simple things we are learning a lot ... Big kisses on BACK TO BASICS #2 and #3

  4. Thanks y'all!! It is definitely good to be blogging again!

  5. you are an inspiration! I love the blue block...I need to do these types of exercises too...it is so good for everyone to practice like this...bravo!


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