Monday, August 27, 2012


4x12 Oil on Panel
For a larger view just click on the painting.
Another boat painting from Kennebunk and I really like it!  It's been fun to explore the water and how each boat has its own unique reflection.  I like how the atmosphere adds to a meditative and serene feeling.  This was a very satisfying painting to work on from start to finish.  


  1. Beautiful job! Really like the texture in the water and detail in the boats.

  2. love the gorgeous simplicity which is so very difficult to achieve. It is simply serene looking...

  3. Oh my...I like it too...I think it is because it looks so austere and contemporary. I would definitely hang this in my home! Bet you'll get a buyer for it.

  4. Linda, Great painting. I agree with Sheri, the texture of the water is wonderful.

  5. Yes, I agree: So simple and so very well done. Really LOVING the boats and landscapes w/buildings, Linda. There's wonderful textural/hazy/neutrals to these. Love to see your new work!


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