Sunday, November 25, 2012


12x6 Oil on Panel
To view larger click painting.

I hope y'all had a good Thanksgiving!  Mine was a week full of good food, laughter, and the best family ever!!  I love it when we can all be together. 
Now it is time for a return to the easel.  For the past few weeks I've had a struggle.  It was wipe out after wipe out.  After a week without painting, I am hopeful that when I go to my studio tomorrow I will encounter a better day.  
"Solitude" is one of my paintings that survived.


  1. Love the title. I definitely get the feeling of solitude in this painting. I also like compositions that are heavy on sky. Really nice.

  2. I love this painting. I'm glad it survived the "Wipe-outs!" I hope your studio time is wonderfully creative when you get to go in next!


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