Sunday, December 30, 2012

FACE No. 85

4x4 Oil on Panel
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I returned from our holiday travel early this morning.  It feels good to be home again!  Our Christmas was wonderful and I hope yours was, too.
I painted this mug shot before Christmas and just now getting it posted.  His nose grabbed my attention and I was in the mood to paint a profile.  When I began this series I had no idea how many I would paint.  I still don't know when I will stop.  I find faces to be so interesting and there is such a variety in these mug shots.  I learn something new with each one.  


  1. Great nose! Love the green in his hair. I can't believe you are on #85!

    1. Thank you, Cathy! I can't believe it's #85, too. But I know there will be more.

  2. Je suis heureuse que vos fêtes de noël se soient bien déroulées...
    J'aime beaucoup l'harmonie des couleurs de ce portrait.
    Je trouve l'ensemble de vos portraits très intéressant. Ils ont tous une particularité fascinante.
    Je vous souhaite le meilleur pour vous et à l'aube de la nouvelle année, je vous renouvelle mes voeux pour 2013.
    Gros bisous.

    1. Translation -
      I am glad that your celebrations of Christmas are smoothly ... I love the color harmony of the portrait. I find all of your portraits interesting. They all have a fascinating feature. I wish you the best for you and at the dawn of the new year, I renew my best wishes for 2013. Kisses.

      Thanks, Alison! The best for you, too, in 2013!

  3. I am so impressed at the projects you take on. I really like this mug. I am looking forward to seeing your limited palette of 30 paintings in 30 days.

  4. We've been travelling, but briefly saw this on fb a few days ago and remembered to get back and comment- WOW! another beauty and those green brushstrokes in the hair really belong and yet pop on their it.


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