Thursday, September 12, 2013

DAY 12

16x11 on panel
I wanted to use a panel that I found (finding lots of things since the move!) in my panel pile. Again (like yesterday) the surface was so different and again I almost quit.  I powered on just playing with the paint that was leftover on my palette and old brushes that are frayed.  It was really fun!  There are drips, thick paint, lost edges, sharp edges, soft edges, and with everything else a reminder of how much I LOVE to paint!!!


  1. excellent! I love how frayed the brushes look...well done!

  2. really wonderful! you are so inspiring! you remind me how wonderful it is that we get to paint for a living!

  3. Terrific! Love the "brushy, scratchy" way you painted this—perfect for the subject!


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