Wednesday, March 17, 2010


Oil on Canvas Board

Another challenge! These are really fun. This challenge is Virtual Paintout and is hosted by Bill Guffey, a very nice and patient person (I had problems getting my image to him). Bill chooses an area in the world and artists can go there via Google Maps and paint from the photographs provided in Google Street View. This month it is Stavanger, Norway. Take a tour of this blog and you will discover some good art work and some interesting places all over the globe.


  1. Linda, this is fascinating, I think I may try it. I like your painting, all those red rooves are great.

  2. This is beautiful, Linda! Yummy brushwork, and I love the rich colors.
    Bill's challenge is so intriguing. I'd have trouble deciding which section of a city to search.

  3. Your colours are beautiful, Linda, I especially like you orange, it is so vribant!
    Thank you for your nice comment on my blog.

  4. Nice job with all those masses of colors and challenging reference material!


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