Tuesday, September 6, 2011

FACE No. 39

12x8 Oil on Panel

This woman had such interesting hair and pose that I had to paint her.  She looked almost regal and proud to me.  Of course, it is a mug shot so hopefully I'm just reading proud into her appearance. 

On another note ....... as you know my beloved Texas is burning.  One of the worst fires is in Bastrop, Texas where Carol Marine, her husband David, and their 6 year old son, Jacob live.  Sadly, their house and Carol's studio was destroyed in the fire.  Thankfully all are safe! PLEASE click here to make a donation and help the Marines get back on their feet.  

Sending love, prayers, good energy and hugs to you, Carol, David and Jacob!


  1. I love the aqua colors in the background...and yes, she looks royal. Really lovely flesh tones!

  2. Linda- I agree this gal has a regal pose. Love the background colors with her skin tones.
    So glad to see so many helping David and Carol out. Our thoughts are with all you Texans:)

  3. I really enjoy your portraits. You have a unique sense of composition, and the character and personality of your subject always comes shining through. I'm looking forward to seeing more of your work!

    Mark Nesmith


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