Sunday, August 18, 2013


6x12 on Gessoed Board
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Trying to get back into a routine.  With unpacking, organizing, and company it is slow going.  I've done some painting (yay!!!), but not posting.  I've painted this previously and it proved to be a good subject to begin with.  I love apples - to paint and to eat!


  1. I love the softness in your palette, Linda.
    Wonderful brush work as well.

  2. beautiful composition...and those colors are soothing! I am looking forward to seeing a photo of your new studio!! Will we get to see it???

  3. Hi Linda, Very nice! I love the green apples but the bowl is my favorite part. Love all the things I see going on in there.

  4. Beautiful, Linda! Love your palette and the closeness in values. It has a softness and contemplative quality.


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