Friday, November 22, 2013

JOE No. 6

5x5 Oil on Gessobord
I think this will be the last "Joe" in this series and this is my favorite.  It's been a lot of fun painting Joe in different ways.  Now it is time to go to something else.  At this time I'm not sure of my direction, but I have some ideas I would like to explore.  Isn't painting a blast?

Have a wonderful, creative week-end!!


  1. The different colors in his face is done perfectly! You finished the series of Joe beautifully!!

  2. Thank you, Hilda! It seems when I paint the same thing over and over I explore and learn so much. Always fun!

  3. Magnifique portrait, si joliment travaillé en couleurs!!

  4. i love this Linda! wonderful placement of color!

  5. I think it is my fav too but they have all appealed to me and each time I liked the one I was looking at "the best"

  6. I've really enjoyed watching your evolution of Joe. Love all the color in this one. It has intensity and personality, that extra "something."

  7. These are too great, did you use photoshop to find these shapes?

    1. I have used photoshop to explore ideas and find that it is a great resource. This painting was done with a photoshop photo as a reference. Photoshop is a lot of fun and opened new avenues to explore.


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