Monday, April 12, 2010


Carol's 2nd day demo.

Carol's 3rd day demo.

Well, my 3 day workshop with Carol Marine is over. It was 3 days of learning, meeting new friends and having a great time! I am sooo excited about returning home and heading to the studio to paint, paint, paint!! If you ever have an opportunity to take Carol's workshop take it. She is amazing!

I apologize for my photographs of Carol's demo paintings. They certainly don't do them justice.

I may not be able to post for the next few days as WIFI comes and goes. But I will return - hopefully with a new and improved painting!!


  1. I was at this same workshop and I'm sorry to say that I was so intent on trying to take in every moment of Carol that I didn't get a chance to meet everyone. Nice to meet a fellow blogger!

  2. they are wonderful and Carol is a wonderful artist. I love what you have done in the previous post also. Great work Linda!

  3. Hi Linda, It really was good to meet and visit with you. I think we all felt like we were ready to go home and paint more, the second the class ended! Have a great trip home and Happy Painting...Mary

  4. I attended Carol's workshop in Sedona a couple of months ago. It was awesome, and I learned lots! She seems to have a really good following of students, and I can see why.

  5. Wasn't it fabulous!!
    I thought at first that these were YOURS and I was thinking, Holy SMOKE, she GOT IT!!! :D


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