Tuesday, August 31, 2010


7x5 Oil on Ampersand Gessobord

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This is my submission to SOME TEXAS ARTISTS LIKE TO PAINT challenge for August which is Dreams. There are so many thoughts and ideas about dreams that it was difficult to decide what to do until I ran across an old black and white photograph of Sigmund Freud. I need practice with values (as always!) and thought this would be a good exercise and also a really fun painting to do. My husband's undergraduate degree is in psychology and I typed up many a paper with Freud's name in it. I felt I ran across an old friend. Click HERE to see the creative Dream paintings at SOME TEXAS ARTISTS LIKE TO PAINT. I think you will enjoy it!


  1. Very nice, Linda. I really like the planes and the warm skin tones on his face. Good job!

  2. it's a great likeness! I wanted to paint a dream I had about a girl whose hair was flowers (and it "grew")--trouble was, however, that when I saw the "herbal essence shampoo ad" I realized that I must have seen that ad and put it into my dream. Hardly seemed all that interesting after I realized it was an ad campaign! lol
    I hope you do more portraits--you have a strength there.

  3. Linda, this is such a nice one -- everything just right, not too much, not too little. More!!!


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