Saturday, February 19, 2011


9x12 Oil on Board

I went to the Stockyards this morning with a wonderful group of plein air artists. The weather was perfect and painting was a lot of fun. I was going to have photographs, but I forgot my camera. I'm not posting my painting, because it needs some work. This is a painting I did last week with a support given to me by Linda Reedy. It has a different feeling to it, not as smooth as what I usually work on. I really enjoyed playing with the paint and will be painting on this surface again. It was also nice to paint on a larger surface.


  1. Really nice job on the spoon! Enjoyed painting with you today and am looking forward to seeing your finished painting. Aren't you glad you live in Texas on winter days like this?

  2. Le travail de vos blancs est très bon... Il manque la tartine ! je suppose que votre gourmandise est passée par là!!!
    gros bisous

    Ps : j'espère que vous vous êtes régalée avec votre groupe en plein air!

  3. oh you are like me...I really can't post something that "needs work"...THIS painting is just the cool grays and that nice red.

  4. i love your brushwork, it's so immediate and alive! great job.

  5. I really like all your quick kitchen items paintings, they would look great put together on a kitchen wall.


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