Friday, January 13, 2012

FACE No. 53

4x4 Oil on Ampersand Gessobord

I've been having some computer problems - well, actually user problems.  I have painted several small paintings and lost them in cyber space.  I finally found them and transferred all photos I had taken to where they belong.  I lost them in an attempt to be better organized in the new year.  Kind of a joke!  Now it is fixed and I am still determined to better organize all my photos.  There are soooo many!  Any suggestions of how you do it would be more than welcome!

$25.00 plus S/H


  1. Now this guy looks like he did something wrong! Great job. As for the photos are a mess. If you find a good system please share!

  2. I am loving your palette. Makes me want to try something new.

  3. agree with Maria here...this guy looks guilty! His poor Mom must be sad!
    Nice painting of rough and guilty looking dude.
    I can not give advice about photos--I'll watch this post to see if you get any good suggestions

  4. Guilty! I wonder why he didn't have a shirt on? Great job capturing his expression, Linda!

  5. Quel regard!!! Une grande expression...
    Gros bisous

  6. Wow, you really caught a look from this guy. The eyes are so interesting. I love how you used color in his face. Very cool!

    I'm not very good at organizing my photos either. I tend to put them in folders based on the day I took them. Usually they are somewhat related to each other then. I name the folder by year, month, day, then maybe location. That way they sort in order of date in my directory. It works for me. (for example: 2011_11_1_HiltonHead)

  7. This guy is sooooo scary! He looks like he has 'user' problems, too! You should do what I do: keep loading up every picture onto your computer till you have 45,000 of them and it crashes, and drives the motherboard insane. You will not have to worry about all those old pictures now. You need to worry about getting a new computer and filling it up with NEW pictures.


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