Thursday, January 26, 2012


This fabulous sign was made by Regula Scheifele, an HHG member!  She also wrote the following post -

"Almost all of the Hilton Head Gang members are taking part in the 'A Sense of Place' exhibition at the Sedona Arts Center. As is Karin Jurick! - so the above sign definitely applies....

The Gang has debated whether to attend, mails have been exchanged and advise given. We decided to take the risk of 'public appearance', so it's definitely a chance to see the HHG. If only through our master pieces!

The show's opening is January 25th - today! - with Sedona's "First Friday" Artwalk and reception on February 3rd. The exhibit will continue through February 14th."
Regula is a fantastic artist so please take a minute and look at her blog!

I haven't posted my painting for "A Sense of Place."  I don't know why - maybe I am superstitious!  I didn't think I was, but I guess I am.  I'm hoping my painting will find a very nice home! :-)


  1. I like your banner. I would love to take a workshop with Karin. I love how you all have been painting each others portrait, I love reading their bio, lol. I sure say "love" a lot, lol. Happy painting to you Linda

  2. Well, I would love to see your painting! Is it an interior? I always love those.


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