Saturday, February 11, 2012


4x4 Oil on Ampersand Gessobord

.   The trail is still we shall continue on.  We are determined to feature one member each week until they are all accounted for.

Terri Buchholz “Bones” is a nurse and uses her position to gain unsuspecting victim’s confidence.  As soon as she sees you are vulnerable she swoops in and reveals herself as an expert in the field...she shoots and then disappears into the crowd.  She can see a victim a mile away...authorities believe she has a telephoto lens that gives her access to otherwise unavailable victims.  Be on the lookout...she armed and dangerous!
For more information about her possible whereabouts check out her blog: 
Information can also be found on the Hilton Head Gang Blog...
The above post was skillfully written by Maria Hock, who by the way
is 60 today, just in case you haven't heard!!


  1. the narrative is as fun as the painting! You guys have too much fun! Great job on this portrait :)

  2. This is Brilliant! It is your best so far. I love, love, love the composition. The skin tones and eyes are fabulous....Did I say i love it???

  3. This is great one Linda! I definitely love your painting style. Great crop. It make her look even more interesting.

  4. Now there's a mug! I love how you have such a distinctive style and that is some effective cropping! Nice job Linda!


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