Monday, July 2, 2012


These are a few photos I took while visiting the Modern to view the Lucien Freud exhibit.   His portraits are amazing and at the same time some are disturbing.  He always worked from a live model and for the most part in his studio.  He knew his subjects well as they were friends and family and therefor there is an intimacy to Freud's work.  We didn't see the entire exhibit, but will return many times to come.

 It is so interesting to explore the techniques and working habits of artists.  Freud worked for   long periods of time, sometimes years, on each portrait.  The sitter sat for hours each day for weeks on end until Freud completed the work.  Each stroke was carefully worked with a new color, never the same.  He painted his day work and his night work in order to get different lighting.  His family life and social life were very limited as he spent the majority of his time painting.  

If you are in the Fort Worth area I recommend the Freud exhibit.  The Modern has wonderful bodies of work by other artists as well.


  1. He's very interesting, and you're right, kind of disturbing. He did a life size self portrait of himself nude, wearing boots and holding a paintbrush. It's quite magnificent!

    1. Yes, that portrait is at the museum and you are right - it IS magnificent!!

  2. Merci ma chère Linda de nous faire partager ces photos. Cette exposition doit certainement être très intéressante et je pense qu'en ce qui vous concerne elle a dû vous apporter beaucoup.

    Gros bisous.

  3. Alison:
    Thank you my dear Linda for sharing with us these photos. This exhibition must certainly be very interesting and I think that as far as you are concerned she had to bring you a lot. Big kisses.

  4. Very interesting post! Thanks Linda. :-)

  5. Very interesting post! Thanks Linda


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