Wednesday, June 9, 2010


These are 3 of about 400 pictures I have taken so far here in NYC! What a blast! We arrived Sunday and really having sooo much fun - well, I am. Phil is doing research at Columbia. Friday he will join me in more sight seeing. Yesterday I walked to the Metropolitan Museum of Art in absolutely perfect weather. I saw the Picasso exhibit and it was unbelievably good. There were paintings, pastels, some watercolor, and drawings from all phases of his life. I think that one could spend a week at the Met and maybe see most of the art. Fantastic place!!


  1. Thank You so much Linda for sharing your trip. A virtual summer vacation - i love it! Have fun!!

  2. Hi Linda, how much fun to see these photos from NYC! We were there in March and we went to the Met twice, and of course there was still so much to see. You sound like you're having a great time! And I'm guessing you'll paint from at least some of those 400 photos. :)

  3. What an exciting place to be. What will the visit do to your art?

  4. I am loving all your photos and interesting painting thoughts. the Matisse is a real surprise. the whole trip looks wonderful

  5. Great pictures Linda! You aren't boring anyone... no snoring here!


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