Saturday, August 21, 2010


6x6 Oil on Ampersand Gessobord

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My third make-up painting. Now I am wondering if there is another one on the horizon. I am learning quite a lot painting the same subject. Of course, I learn from each painting I do. Happily the learning continues. Although, I have to admit I wish the learning would come quicker pace. :-)


  1. I think this series will make a lovely set of wall decor next to the dressing mirror!

  2. what do you need to learn..looks to me like you could be teaching this stuff.
    Nice Makeup# 3--we women do love to enhance ourselves. I take solace in knowing the Egyptians liked kohl. Good enough for the Egyptians, good enough for me...and I don't need to be apologetic --haha

  3. p.s. looks specifically like Lancome. haha

  4. These are wonderful, I love your make-up paintings!!! And what an endless opportunity to learn by using different shapes and colors and background. I think the learning is happening fast because these are beautifully executed, yet you're retained a fun and fresh feeling.

  5. Fun subject and great brushstrokes.

  6. Linda, a great painting - Lovely soft, muted colors!


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