Monday, May 3, 2010


8x6 Oil on Raymar Canvas Panel

Well, last week I had MANY learning experiences! I lost count on how many times I wiped out my paintings. And they are learning experiences, although sometimes I wonder what I am learning. Maybe patience? Determination? Drawing skills? Color mixing? I think it was a number of things. One thought that continued throughout the week was how much I love to paint. Even when I don't produce a painting that I like I just love the process. :-)

These tulips are a submission to the rookiepainter challenge. It was fun and I painted on a canvas panel, which was different for me. If you are interested in challenges, this one is fun.

I am lifting my diet Coke and "Here's to everyone having a great week with few wipe outs!!!"


  1. Oh yes, those wipe outs are valuable but, easier to take in hindsight! I love these daffodils, they really have a nice 3-D feel and I like the softness of all the colors.

  2. This one is so beautiful. Love that soft color palette! Great texture too.

  3. I think w/ wipe outs you learn all of what you mentioned. I wiped out two backgrounds this morning. The color I'd chosen just didn't work. So, I changed the fabric and redid it. All in a days fun! Great job w/ the pot.

  4. Wonderful...don't you just love to paint tulip? Such a beautiful painting and the composition is perfect!

  5. did I say daffodils??duh..I'm losing the tulips

  6. Hi Linda,

    Your post reminds me of this song you can see on Youtube here:

    Great painting!

    Take care,

  7. Oh gosh, I got caught up reading my fav blogs on the reader and reminded myself to for sure leave a comment on this one. I love everyhting about this. One of those gems that touched my heart immediately...


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