Saturday, December 4, 2010


6x6 Oil on Ampersand Gessobord

This was painted from a photograph I took in an old cemetery in Savannah, Georgia. There were so many interesting grave stones. Some were very large as this one. In addition to being tall it was elaborate with sculpture that was a testament to a very affluent family. This detail is nice for a value study. AND, just for fun .........


  1. Really like the sculptural quality, Linda, and all the "color" you capture in your value study!

  2. And it isn't as easy as it looks! A nice piece!

  3. Love it Linda!! I have a bunch of gargoyle type faces I want to paint from France. I'm drawn to this type of painting:)

  4. ah, cemeteries---my second biggest love! This is a wonderful stone..beautifully done. Thanks for the video too :)

  5. Linda,
    The value study is really nice with great detail.
    The youtube attached blew me away! What a wonderfully moving way to start my Sunday morning. Halleluiah is right:) We all need more of that...thanks for sharing that.

  6. Nice work Linda. There is definite value in value studies! Something I should tackle soon.

    Take care,

  7. Great value study, Linda! Aren't these fun? And necessary, too! For all of us!

  8. This is beautiful. One of my favorite things to paint is old statues! Wish we could go out and paint some together, wouldn't that be fun,

  9. reminds me of an fantastic A 'weeping angel' grave marker in an old cemetery here. I've always wanted to paint it but haven't figured out how to do it justice compositionally.
    Great study.


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