Wednesday, January 9, 2013

FACE No. 86

6x6 Oil on Gessobord
Of course, I had to paint a mug shot.  I found this to be difficult with a limited palette.  It took a long time to paint and I fussed with it.  I am used to having various tubes at my fingertips.  This experience is making me more appreciative of those artists that can use a limited palette every time they paint.  I have a lot to learn! :-)


  1. I applaud you on your great work with a limited palette, Linda. It's not easy... takes a lot pf practice. I should do more of it. You've captured a wonderful expression in her eyes. Well done!

  2. have been off the radar for a while
    and the 30 days with leslie has given me the boost i needed (maybe)
    i just wondered about your limited palette.
    all your work is so good....sigh......

  3. Hi Linda, I think this is just terrific. You have shown so much feeling in her face and the colors are lovely.

  4. great job, Linda...glad you did a mugshot, it seems only right!

  5. This is great Linda! What a challenge this must of been. Nice work!

  6. I like this Linda...I would never know you fussed with it!
    The colors are great and I love the expression. Great job!!!


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