Friday, January 11, 2013


4x4 Oil on Gessobord
This is Maggie - the BEST dog in the universe!  She is ready to party with me as today is my birthday.   In keeping with my limited palette, I have to say that I am still having difficulty getting the colors I want.  I could blame it on the cold medicine I'm taking ..... and I think I will!  Maggie has a more burnt sienna coat and much darker.  Sometimes she just blends in with the rug.  
This is #10 in the 30/30 challenge.  One-third of the way done!  I'm still having fun with it and still frustrated with it.  It's a mixed bag for sure.  I wanted to get a few paintings ahead, but with this super cold it hasn't happened .... yet.   
Have a fantastic, creative, fun week-end!!


  1. HAPPY HAPPY BIRTHDAY to you Linda! I sure hope you are feeling well enough to enjoy the day.

    Love your "Party Dog". It's good to always have someone to party with close. She looks very festive!

  2. Linda, Hope your're having a fabulous day. Love this Party Dog!!! He makes me smile!

  3. Happy Birthday Linda, love this painting!The challenge is a mixed bag isn't it!We're still in it, congrats and can't wait to see the next 20!

  4. Love Party Dog....And our first bichon was Maggie so extra sweet! Georgia Grace sends birthday wishes....

  5. Linda, I just went back through your posts and got caught up on your 30 for 30 paintings. I didn't realize you were using a limited palette on these until now - you're doing a great job! Limited palettes can be a lot of fun. It always amazes me at the range of colors that can be created with them.

  6. Happy Birthday Linda! So sorry you're not feeling well but glad to see you keep on painting! I always enjoy catching up with your painting and your blog and seeing the great strides you're making. Thanks for your support and comments on my blog. You were one of the first to embrace heads through mugshots but the shots are often difficult and, of course, the subjects are under duress. Give the TV a try! A wealth of subjects there. All the best in 2013!

  7. Happy Birthday, Linda!!! Hope you're feeling better!!!
    I love Party Dog!

  8. Happy Birthday... looks like you are spending much of it doing what you love... painting & playing with Maggie.. love Maggie's painting. I've heard rumors that lots of cake helps fight colds.


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