Tuesday, March 1, 2011


Angela Elledge had a wonderful idea for the Texas artists involved in Some Texas Artists Like to Paint. She was a member of The Flying Moleskins and wanted to do a moleskin project in Texas. There are seven of us taking part in the Texas Moleskin Round-Up ... Angela Elledge, Kay Wyne, Ann Rogers, Jean Townsend, Carol Morgan, Sharon Hodges and me! Each of us has a different theme and we will paint in one moleskin and then mail it to the next person. At the end of this project we will each have seven paintings from different artists. We've begun by painting the first painting in our own book and now they are off!! Click HERE to see what has begun!


  1. Hi Linda, glad you found me. I do believe you are right, we were in the same workshop in Jacksonville. Great to see some of your work!

  2. Those tomatoes are absolutely charming!!

  3. I like this painting, Linda. Really nice composition. I like how there is a bank of light through the center of the canvas, with darker bands in the foreground and background. Good job on your tomatoes, too. Good values!

  4. fun project...I like what you did for your "assignment"!

  5. Those tomatoes are very appealing, Linda!and I notice you are very active, in Texas!


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