Tuesday, December 13, 2011

FACE No. 49

6x6 Oil On Ampersand Gessobord

Well, one more mug shot painting and I will be at 50!  When I began I had no idea how far I would take this series and I am still in the dark.  I suppose it will continue until I get tired of it and I really don't see that I am anywhere near that.  This series has and continues to be fun to paint.   


  1. Wow- almost 50! Way to stick to a series and learn. Really wonderful skin tones against the beautiful red background!

  2. You can tell you love the subject and this series.I like how you carved his features out with strong values. Nice job.

  3. I feel like this guy questions everything! You've got another fascinating personality study Linda

  4. hard to believe that you have done 50--wow--can you put them all on a wall sometime and take a photo of it? I bet it would look fantastic! I like this face and the background you painted too

  5. Love your mug shot series and so admire your stick to it ness. ( Think I was supposed to run all those letters together?) Can you believe how Karin does them on 4 x 4"? Crazy. Congrats on almost # 50. 50 needs to be a doozy.

  6. Linda, this is incredibly good. I especially like the excellent treatment of his eyes. Congrats!



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