Thursday, December 15, 2011


4x4 Oil on Ampersand Gessobord

Do you remember bubble lights?  These were my favorite a very long time ago, many years before the white, twinkling lights became so popular.  Along with the bubble lights were the large bulbs in lots of different colors.  They made for a delightful Christmas tree for children.  I painted this for the December challenge - Vintage Christmas - for Some Texas Artists Like to Paint.  Although, these decorations are vintage and I remember them, I am NOT, and I repeat NOT vintage!!


  1. I remember the lights an I am not vintage either...hahaha. This is lovely and brings back wonderful memories...Love it!

  2. I do remember those lights. This brings back good memories. Thanks for sharing.

  3. Thanks for a nice memory, those were always our favorite lights as kids. Couldn't wait for them to heat up and bubble. I remember hearing later on that the stuff inside was toxic?? Surprising we made it to adulthood isn't it? lol


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