Wednesday, December 7, 2011


4x4 Oil on Ampersand Gessobord

"It is week four and Jennifer “JLo” Koach is the subject of this weeks search.  Her uncanny resemblance to ... well,  you know who...allows her to weasel herself into otherwise unavailable venues.  Before her true identity is revealed she assimilates herself into the situation and shoots at will.   Jlo charms and disarms her victims.  By the time they realize what is is too late...they are photographed and the subject of a painting. 
She left Hilton Head Island surrounded by her entourage...She is definitely NOT “just Jenny from the block”... by Maria Hock

OK, Jennifer, aka JLo, is a beautiful person and a very talented artist, but I think she has a spelling problem.  Please don't let this get out, but she spells her last name "KOACH" not "COACH".  As we all know coach begins with a "C" not a "K".  I tried to help her at our Karin Jurick workshop, but she would just ignore me and order a chocolate (not khocalate!) martini.  Go figure. 
For more information or clues to her whereabouts check out her blog at:


  1. She does look notorious! hahaha.. great job! I love the colors you are using in your skin tones.

  2. Wonderful fun painting and post!! I do seem to remember something involving a chocolate martini! Too fun!

  3. NEXT time we're all in a class together, I am definitely getting in on the chocolate martini! Wonderful portrait of JLo - she'll love it.

  4. JLo is currently rebounding with a younger (much younger) man!
    This is a good mugshot--(& nice for all the criminals (haha) to be immortalized thusly)!

  5. Love it! Profiles are surprisingly difficult.

    I don't know how I missed the chocolate martini! That won't happen again!

  6. You nailed her - and she has her shifty 'look' on... she hid it so well the whole week we were together!


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