Thursday, January 13, 2011


6x6 Oil on Ampersand Gessobord

While searching for fabric I bought some glass and will use it for painting reflections. I really enjoy reflections so I'm glad I now have some glass on the shelf to pull out when needed. There is ALWAYS something new and exciting to explore in art!

$65.00 free shipping in US


  1. Oh what a great idea Linda! I have been wondering how I could add reflections and still have color under it. Duh! I will give this a try with some old picture frame glass I think. Love this pink thread too and you have nailed the reflection!

  2. These reflections are really well done, Linda! Really believable.

  3. Oh, glass is a great idea. Love that reflection. Way cool to have the loose piece of thread out also. Love the vertical highlight on the spool.

  4. Nice job on the reflection Linda! Good idea about the glass. Maybe I'll try that when I'm feeling brave.

  5. Beautiful job on your reflection!

  6. You really know your reflections. Love the colors you've found in the glass.


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