Wednesday, January 26, 2011


6x6 Oil on Ampersand Gessobord

Yesterday I had nothing ..... nothing but wipe-outs!!! So frustrating. And today wasn't much better. It's a good thing that I have perseverance or I would have just thrown in the towel. The towel that was full of paint!

A good friend, Doug Clark, has just begun blogging. He is a sculptor and painter and an all around great guy! Please take a minute to visit his blog and take a look at his work. Click HERE.

$65.00 free shipping in US


  1. You are very good at coming up with ideas for paintings. I look around a house full of stuff and see nothing at all to paint.

  2. One of my teachers said.."It is our worst paintings that are our best paintings...because they teach us the most".

    Love your candies..they make me want one!

  3. It can be really frustrating, can't it? Escpecially after you've done a really good painting like your interior of the bedroom. I'll think to myself, I'm really improving and then the next painting is awful! Keep on painting!

  4. You really do have great ideas for the candies. I just went through one of those times you describe about a month ago.I have "fall back" subjects that help me "see" again and I'll bet you have a photo or subject that almost never fails? no worries, it always comes back!

  5. Linda, "wipe-outs" are part of the journey, right? Otherwise, we can't appreciate our success! Your work is wonderful. And these little candies are . . . sweet! Great job!

  6. Right....two steps forward...three steps back. I find that my first painting is a bit stilted, the second is much better and the third is the best.
    Keep on keepin' on Linda, you're getting it!


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