Wednesday, January 12, 2011


6x6 Oil on Ampersand Gessobord

THANK YOU for all the birthday wishes!

I was at JoAnne's the other day looking for fabric and found some beautiful threads. This is one of them and it was fun to paint. I'll be painting thread again. I haven't worked up enough nerve to paint the fabric yet. There are patterns involved! Yikes!

On another note, please take a look at Michael Chamberlain's blog. He is VERY talented and has just begun daily painting. It will be a treat for you! Click HERE.

$65.00 free shipping in US


  1. Lovely, soft colors, Linda. Lots of texture in the fabric and thread. I haven't tried to tackle patterned fabric yet, either. Just plain white cloth so far. Good job!

  2. Love the thread Linda! I have a huge supply of pretty thread from my sewing and quilting hobby. May have to paint some! And thanks for the link to Michael's work. I love it and so glad you pointed us in his direction!

  3. Really like the direction you're heading in, Linda. The cherry series is wonderful and alive! I'm late for the party but happy birthday!!!

  4. Wow, I've never thought of painting thread. You are so clever and creative. Good job!

  5. Wonderful idea and wonderfully painted. Love the way you captured the threads of thread! I do embroidery/monogramming and love all the thread colors. Did you find some shiny reflective fabric at Joannes? I got some silver and gold there- so fun for reflections.


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