Friday, January 21, 2011


6x6 Oil on Ampersand Gessobord

This is challenge #2 from Great Painting Ideas for Artists by Carole Katchen, which is to paint something you see everyday. I think soap qualifies for that (one would hope so!). I took a photograph of the soap in a dish located on the corner of the bathtub. The lighting was terrible so the photograph had little value change. For help I put the photograph in photoshop and increased the value changes and further increased the values in my painting. Photoshop is wonderful, but I have no idea how to use it. I can change the image size (very helpful!) and just learned how it can help with values. I can see that photoshop could become a crutch, but if used correctly it would help in learning how to see!

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  1. This looks like a fun challenge!! I laughed right out loud when you said that you didn't know how to use photoshop...MeTOOO. I use Zoom Browser...much easier to work with.

  2. Fun challenge! I think Photoshop can help you to see the abstract qualities in your subject. I sometimes remove the color so I can see only values. In this composition it looks like the soap might slide down that diagonal right off the picture- but then that's appropriate for soap, isn't it? I love the palette, and the orange stripe on the soap dish is genius!

  3. Like your soap! Can't wait to see what you do next!

  4. Nice abstract quality Linda - you are a natural with that anyhow, but the cropping makes it even more pronounced and strong.

  5. I have no idea about photo shop, but will explore.
    just bought the katchen book on amazon.
    thank you for sharing.
    I am sure I have a housefull of really mundane paintable stuff.

  6. Like this and it looks like you made the changes needed for success to paint. You will learn all that you ever wanted to know about Photoshop in KJ's workshop. It is amazing! I don't use it a lot but when you want to paint from a photo it is a wonderful tool! Vince Fazio is also beyond patient in helping with photoshop issues in the class!

  7. I don't know nothing 'bout no Photoshop! You are way ahead of me Linda!

    I like this series that you are doing. It looks like a good way to push yourself as an artist--doing things that are a little uncomfortable.

  8. Don't know much about photoshop either, but nice work on this one, Linda!

  9. Challenge intéressant et cependant pas évident non plus car il y a tant de choses qu'on aurait envie de peindre dans son environnement... En ce qui me concerne, ce serait probablement mes lunettes, car sans elles je suis incapable de faire quoi que ce soit...!
    Votre savon est peut-être un savon de Marseille ? Si tel est le cas, alors la toile est encore plus belle!!! Aîe, aïe! je vais me faire une ennemie si ce n'est pas ça!!! Je ne pense pas car sachez que je vous apprécie beaucoup.

  10. Just ordered my book also. Can't wait to read it. She has great books that always inspires and teaches. All this soap is making me want to go wash ... LOL

  11. i love the graphic quality of this and the palette linda! great job! i love using photoshop and don't think it a crutch at all! it's like an extension of your palette or even your brain and it's fairly easy as well. again, love this and have a great weekend!


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